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May 16, 2022 | Iron Doors

Anyone who is carrying out a home renovation project will know how stressful and time-consuming these types of projects and work can be. Not only is there a lot of potential building work, movement within the home, and budgets to balance, but there are also a lot of design choices and decisions like installing wrought iron doors that need to be made throughout the entire process.

Many home interiors will benefit from the addition of wrought iron doors, which are known to enhance the atmosphere of living space in a simple, yet very effective way. No matter what style of decor you connect with, wrought iron doors can draw out different aesthetics because they are a highly versatile decor element.

Keep reading for more information on how you can incorporate interior iron doors into your home renovation. Find out how installing iron doors will not only create a more elegant living space but also has the potential to improve your way of living.


Why You Should Choose Wrought Iron?

There are many reasons why wrought iron is the perfect metal to incorporate into the interior design of your home. It is incredibly strong and durable, which means you are investing in the longevity of your renovation and features. It also requires very minimal upkeep compared to some materials, which makes it a convenient and reliable choice. 

However, the real deciding factor when it comes to interior design is the look of the feature you choose. Wrought iron may be functional, but it also has the potential to be incredibly beautiful and offer an instant lift to any room. 

Custom wrought iron can be made with your vision in mind so that it perfectly fits with the rest of your home. For instance, consider one of the styles listed below for your home, though the options really are endless.

  • Mediterranean vibes – wrought iron is everywhere if you look in the coastal towns in Italy and Spain. It can be simplistic and ornate but always bring a calm coastal lifestyle and European energy.

You can draw on this for inspiration and bring coastal Italy or Spain into your home and enjoy that European influence in your own life.

  • Modern minimalism – more and more, people are looking to minimalism to declutter the home and the mind. This can be reflected in design features such as interior doors.

A minimalist wrought iron door does not have to be boring or uninspired, instead, it takes advantage of clean lines and simple details to create an understated, yet elegant statement. This design can be a great way to balance the decor of a home if other areas feature many ornate design elements.

  • French glamour – for those who want to go all out, glamorous and ornate designs are a wonderful choice. They can be extremely detailed and reminiscent of the kind of sophistication found at French chateaus.

If you are not quite sure what design to choose or which would look best in your new and improved space, then it may be worth consulting with a professional. Wrought iron experts will be able to visit your home to get a feel for the space and your personal taste. From there, you can visit their showroom and determine, with guidance and advice, what style and design will be perfect for your home.

Installing custom iron doors is also a simple and quick process. A reliable manufacturer should be able to take care of the entire process—from start to finish, including the installation and ensuring that you are more than happy with the final result.


Wine Cellar Doors and Other Iron Doors

You may not be sure exactly how or where iron doors fit inside the home because many people associate them with exterior spaces, such as front doors or gates. However, if you know how to utilize interior iron doors then you will find your home’s decor elevated instantly. 

One of the best ways to use wrought iron inside the home is for wine cellar doors. The wine cellar does not need to lead to an underground space, instead, it could simply be a wrought iron cover for a large wine rack or cupboard or a small room within the home. This instantly signals to a refined guest that the wine is stored carefully and has pride of place within the home.

Wine cellars are also often associated with sophistication and a simple, yet elegant lifestyle. Highlighting that your home is home to one elevates the tone of the decor and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

You will also be creating a focal point whenever guests come to visit. They will want to know what is behind the beautifully crafted wrought iron doors and will be impressed and delighted to find a wine cellar behind it.

However, you do not need to use wrought iron only for wine cellars. They can also be a clever way to separate large rooms. For instance, using large glass panes and small iron panels can be elegant and airy rather than cutting the rooms off from each other with a solid piece of iron or wood. 


Why Choose Baltic Iron Doors

Using wrought iron doors within the home is a clever and beautiful way to add sophistication and style to your home. Not only do they suit any interior design style perfectly due to their versatile nature, but they are also eye-catching and elevate the atmosphere of any room.

If you already have wrought iron features in other areas of your home such as exterior doors, railings, or even table frames, then adding an iron interior door will increase a sense of style cohesion across the home. This will tie decor and architecture altogether for a beautiful effect.

We are eager to hear about your project and how we can help you achieve your perfect vision. For more information on how we can work with you to design beautiful and custom doors for your renovation project, you may contact us at 949-674-0556 today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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