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Create A Remarkable Entry with Arched Top Wrought Iron Doors

Oct 18, 2021 | Iron Doors

For anyone who wants their home to be eye-catching and noteworthy in the neighborhood, it is essential to add style and dimension to your home. A simple, yet very elegant way to do this is through the installation of arched wrought iron doors.

The wrought iron can be custom designed to suit your personal style whether you prefer minimalist and modern or ornate and glamorous. The arched top of the door is unique without being gaudy and will draw the eyes of anyone walking by.

Below, we explore the different arch styles for wrought iron arched doors, how this style can be incorporated outside as well as inside the home, and the benefits of this style doorway. 

Arched Top Wrought Iron Doors for an Elegant and Secure Entry

One of the biggest benefits of choosing wrought iron for your entryway door is the safety this will grant you. You may not realize, but iron is one of the toughest and most durable materials that doors are made of.

Not only are iron doors able to withstand all kinds of extreme and inclement weather conditions, but iron also deters criminals as they know they will not be able to bend, break, or barge their way into the home.

You can also have additional safety features, such as double locks and extremely durable glass if you want windows incorporated into the design.

With a more secure home, you will find that your enhanced peace of mind allows for greater comfort and relaxation at home no matter the time of day or night.

Thankfully, this increased safety does not sacrifice any of the beauty of the arched iron entry doors. You will be able to have elegant and chic doors that keep you safe and secure.

The Structure of an Arched Top Entryway

The structure of an arched doorway is such that other features of your home will be enhanced and framed with more sophistication. Archways are a classic architectural style that has been used for centuries to indicate elegance and affluence. They are also more structurally sound than some alternative designs. 

How exactly do arches portray elegance? In two clear ways, arched entryways make a clear statement. Firstly, they draw the eye, which leaves visitors with a visual impact and a strong first impression. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, arches create the illusion of more space. 

Even in very large homes and estates, it can be beneficial to extend the space through the use of an arch and give the impression of airiness and increased spaciousness.

Different Styles of Arched Wrought Iron Door

Many people only think of one type of arched iron door, but there are several different styles you can choose from. Below, you will find three of the most popular and elegant styles of arched wrought iron doors.

These are often chosen because they are classic, sophisticated, and understated yet still eye-catching. Arched design is perfect for anyone who wants their entryway to enhance the home rather than dominate it.

What is an Eyebrow Top Arch?

An eyebrow arch is perhaps the most subtle arched door type available. It is a soft curve at the door of the doorway that gently comes down into the traditional, sharp corners of the door.

You might also hear this style be referred to as a segmented or soft arch. If you have many arches throughout the home as well, such as through hallways, then this may be the right entryway style for you as it can more easily mirror the interior.

What is a Round Top Arch?

With a round top arch, the entire top of the door is rounded, which means no hard right angles or corners for the top of the door.

This door should fit perfectly into a rounded archway of the home and is highly reminiscent of Spanish architecture. You might also hear this style referred to as a half-circle arch.

What is a Pointed Segmental Arch?

If you prefer a style that is slightly more unusual and will stand out from the crowd, then you should consider the pointed segmental arch.

The top of the door comes up in a triangular or pinched fashion before adjoining to a traditional door shape. This can be as dramatic or understated a pointed arch as you want.

Incorporating an Arched Wrought Iron Door Inside the Home

A simple and elegant way to add symmetry to your home is by mirroring an arched entryway with arches inside the home. For instance, you can add arches to hallways or interior doors. 

A beautiful addition to any home are wrought iron wine cellar doors. As with your entryway, Baltic Iron Doors can help you design beautiful and functional wrought iron doors to lead to your wine cellar.

These wrought iron doors can be as ornate or simple as you desire and laid over the glass to protect your vintage wines from changes in temperature or humidity. 

Any guests to your home will be impressed not just by your wine collection, but by the elegant door leading to it. Our expert craftsmen use the highest quality iron and have years of design and manufacturing experience to create doors that stand out and last for the ages.

Choosing an Arched Wrought Iron Door

There are numerous benefits to adding a wrought iron door to your home, but what sets apart an arched door?

Firstly, an arched doorway is more noteworthy and sophisticated, which means you will increase the curb appeal of your home and its overall value. It has been noted that homes with wrought iron doors often sell much faster than those without.

An arch is yet another beautiful and unique architectural feature certain to set your home apart from others.

To find out more about our custom designs and other iron accessories, and features we create, explore our website further. We have single wrought iron doors and double wrought iron doors!

We can work closely with you to design the perfect arched doorway for your home so that you can welcome guests with pride and style. Contact us at Baltic Iron Doors today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

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