Modern Design Ideas for Custom Iron Doors

Dec 28, 2020 | Custom Doors

Iron doors have been a design staple for centuries, and they’re still popular today. This sturdy option has some definite advantages over other materials. Another reason for its popularity is the versatile options for custom wrought iron doors in Orange County, including designs that reflect modern trends. 

Design Ideas For Custom Iron Door Installation

If you want to bring iron doors into the 21st century, why not design your own? Here are some ideas on how you can update this traditional design feature to reflect modern styles. 

Show Your Personality with Custom Doors

Custom iron doors are the perfect way to add personality to your home. Modern door designs can show visitors and passers-by what to expect from your interior decorating.

A well-designed door will also match the exterior of your home, and create a focal point that’s an extension of the same decorating style.

Stylish Straight Lines

When you think of traditional iron doors, you likely imagine scrolls and curves of iron that call the 19th century to mind.

To bring your custom wrought iron doors into the present, consider using a design based on straight lines. Some design ideas include plain, symmetrical boxes, a more elaborate grid design, or anything in between.

Straight lines don’t have to be boring, they can form sleek, simple styles, but they can also be bold and futuristic. Crisscrossing lines add intrigue without sacrificing a contemporary aesthetic. 

Straight lines can also be used alongside slightly curved ones to create a memorable yet understated door. 

Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Style

Even though the mid-century modern style first came into existence around 70 years ago, it continues to influence design to this day. Because of that influence, it still feels fresh. 

Circular patterns are a common motif in mid-century style, and they’re a great option for custom iron door designs. Braided designs and chains are also a fun, modern way to use mid-century style.

Atomic designs are closely associated with this style, and you can add one to your front door for a unique and eye-catching look. One version might include lines radiating from a specific point, like a door handle or a circle, like a sun’s rays.

Geometric Patterns

Modern designs don’t have to be simple. You can get an unmistakably modern look with geometric patterns, and there’s a lot of room to get creative if you choose to work with it.

Many geometric patterns include repeating shapes, like a design made from rows of triangles, or concentric circles. Some are mazelike, with straight lines forming shapes and paths.

Some might feature thick lines of ironwork or center around open box shapes. You can even take inspiration from gorgeous art deco doors from the 1920s and add a modern spin. 

Modern Scrollwork

Curls, swirls, and rounded designs are closely associated with classic iron doors, but you can easily update that style to show a modern sensibility. 

One of the best ways to make iron swirls modern is to adjust the scale. Old-fashioned wrought iron curls tend to be clustered densely into ornate designs. If you want something more 21st century, choose curls on a larger scale. 

Large curls add visual interest and bring a whimsical look without being old-fashioned. They also let more light into your home, as a bonus.

You can also make scrollwork seem more modern by designing smoother curls with fewer branches and details.

Botanical Designs

Botanical designs are some of the most popular modern options for custom iron entry doors. This kind of door provides an elegant way to add a touch of nature to your home.

Tree designs are well-suited to ironwork because of their curving branches and leaves. An entire tree incorporated into your door design will have a dramatic effect, especially if you choose an ornate style. 

For something more subtle, you might want to try a design modeled after vines and leaves. Vines can be done in a dense, ornate style or in a more minimalist one with fewer curls.

If you want a more unusual botanical design, try flowers or bamboo. Bamboo is an elegant option and can easily be turned into a minimalist design. Flowers can be done on a small scale, or a large scale, for blossoms that are easily visible from far away.

It all depends on what style you want, and how your door fits in with the rest of your home.

Try Minimalism 

Simple shapes instantly give a sense of modern elegance. If the rest of your home has a minimalist style, why not extend that to your door design? You can reflect angular modern houses and the interior decoration in your home’s entrance.

Minimalist designs can be eye-catching or more conventional. From simple box designs to bold designs with thick bands of ironwork, there’s plenty of variety in this sleek, modern style.

One of the benefits of this style is that the designs tend to be less densely clustered, so your entryway will get a lot of natural light through the glass.

Whether you choose understated minimalism or something that stands out, it’s a timeless look that will age well and continue to complement your home for years to come.

Edgy Asymmetry 

If you want a more memorable look to your custom iron doors, consider going for an edgy look with an asymmetrical design. 

Asymmetrical designs are the easiest to achieve on double doors because you can have a design on one side and a different, complementary design on the other.

For example, swirling designs that don’t match up, or geometric patterns that are slightly different on each side. 

It’s possible to put together an asymmetrical look for just one door, but it takes a little thought to pull it off. One example is using a radial design, where the ironwork all radiates out from a central point.

You could also create a kind of patchwork design made up of different-sized boxes. The possibilities are limitless!

Choose the Right Custom Wrought Iron Company

What does your ideal modern iron door look like? How does it fit in with the rest of your home décor? 

Are you looking for a custom iron door company to help you bring your preferred designs to life and make your home more personalized?

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