Wrought Iron Single Entry Doors


Wrought iron single entry doors create a quaint yet elegant impression, making your home feel like an estate.

We specialize in custom, hand-forged pieces of art — ensuring your door is quality and unique. We’ll help our customers build front single entry doors that not only meet their desires but exceed their expectations. Baltic Iron is truly unmatched.

If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home with our awesome wrought iron door designs.

We stand behind our top-quality products — whether they're single entry wrought iron doors, double iron doors, wine cellar doors, or custom iron doors.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

Please contact us to schedule your FREE consultation.

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Are Wrought Iron Single Entry Doors Right for My Home?

Wrought iron single doors are perfect for you if you:



Your home’s value is affected by the quality of the exterior and interior doors of your home. Garage and entry doors are especially important when it comes to valuing your home. After all, the more your house is worth, the higher you’ll get when the time comes to sell.



Wrought iron is an incredibly versatile material. Be it imposing industrial bars, intricate Victorian swirls and flourishes, or modern, minimalist lines, you can get your desired style with iron doors.



Security should be the main criteria for choosing front entry doors. Therefore, wrought iron security doors look imposing and can deter a criminal from even attempting to rob your home. More importantly, they are impenetrable up close, and any burglar trying to breach wrought iron doors would find breaking in a fruitless effort.



Wrought iron front doors can have glass elements that let natural light into your home. Expect better visibility and an increase in the amount of warm, buttery sunlight shining through into your foyer or entryway.



Wrought iron single entry doors finish baked into the material, which makes cleaning your doors easier. All you have to do is use mild soap to keep the metal looking clean and beautiful. Iron doors don’t require any special polishes or painstaking effort to keep them in perfect condition.



Wrought iron doors are a worthy investment that is meant to last for decades. Iron doors are designed to outlast all traditional doors, including wood doors, glass doors, and steel doors.

We fabricate iron doors to last a lifetime with our high-quality standards. Because of the meticulous attention we pay from design to installation, we guarantee our iron products provide lifelong durability.

Once installed, the only reason you’ll need to replace your iron doors is if you choose to change your doors altogether.

Custom Wrought Iron Door Vs. Other Doors

With all that said, check out how wrought iron doors compare to other popular front door options: wood, glass, and steel.


Our solid hand-forged wrought iron single entry doors provide your house with a unique entrance that's virtually impenetrable, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind. With iron doors, you can also dramatically improve your home's curb appeal and overall value. To get the iron doors you envision, work with only the most trusted iron door specialist in the business.

We also design and manufacture wrought iron double doors, wine cellar doors, and custom doors wrought iron.

If you're ready to have gorgeous iron entry doors, contact us today. We can design, fabricate, and install iron doors anytime and anywhere. We provide our customers with expert craftsmanship and the attention to detail that no one else can in the industry.


Excellent Customer Service and Prompt Delivery

Striving to deliver satisfaction, you're guaranteed excellent service from the beginning until the end.


Exclusive Wrought Iron Door Designs and High-Quality Materials

Because of an extensive network comprising wholesalers, well-established companies have access to high-quality materials. Remember, the results will only be as good as the materials that go into the project.


More Experience and Knowledge, Wide Range of Custom Designs

Choose your entry doors from a manufacturing company with a skilled team that's been in the business for decades, and you're sure to get excellent service and high-quality products.

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