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How Wrought Iron Doors Add Value and Character to a New Build

Jun 6, 2022 | Blogs

Most of us focus on the interior of our homes, but we frequently overlook the importance of making the exteriors equally as appealing. While comfort is highly important, the exterior appearance of a home plays a critical role in improving our quality of life inside. Fortunately, wrought iron single entry doors provide you with an ideal opportunity to add a timeless feel to the outside of your home.

When it comes to owning a home, you want to ensure that your vision is reflected throughout. In this article, we’ll discuss the history of wrought iron doors, some key factors to look for when selecting a custom iron door for your home, and how wine cellar iron doors can help add character to your home.

History of Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors have a long and rich history that dates all the way back to around 2BC when it was first discovered in Turkey.

Although iron doors were first used in the Middle Ages, around the 10th century, and aided in the improvement and fortification of castles, towns, and other areas against invasions, it was the Turkish who first discovered wrought iron.

The Turkish had invented a smelting process for iron ore which consisted of the carbon on the ore being burned away, leaving only the pure iron. This iron could then be bent, pounded, and shaped into a variety of objects and things.

Wrought iron received its name because the term wrought was used to describe the processes used to work and shape the iron while it was still hot from the smelting process. As the carbon in the iron ore was removed, the iron became more robust as it cooled.

It is extremely durable and has been shown to be resistant to corrosion and rust. Because it is simple to work with, it quickly became a highly sought-after metal for a variety of applications once a smelter was established.

How to Choose the Right Wrought Iron Door for Your Home

Although wrought iron front doors are designed to last a long time, when adding a custom iron door to your home, it is critical to be sure you know what to look for when selecting the best type for your home.

Here are a few things to consider:

The Design of Your Home

Consider what colors best complement the style of the home when choosing iron door colors.

The Location and Time Period of Your Home

If your home is supposed to look like it belongs in a specific geographic region, make sure the finish matches. You can get ideas and see what colors work best by looking up door colors on homes in those areas.

Similar Homes in Your Area

The majority of subdivisions will have similar home styles in a variety of iron door designs. Take a walk around your neighborhood to see what colors other people use for their iron front doors.

When looking at the door, consider whether the color adds to the curb appeal and complements the beauty and charm of the home.

How Wrought Iron Doors Add Character to Your New Home

Choosing the right front door for your home is crucial. Luckily, with a wrought iron door, your home gets a strong first impression as well as numerous other advantages.

You have many options when it comes to selecting a new door for your home, and you may be wondering which door material is the best choice. Iron doors are an excellent choice for a variety of reasons, and those who have chosen them have been extremely pleased with their performance.

If you’re looking for a new door for your home, iron entry doors are an excellent choice. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to get an iron door for your home.

Wrought Iron Doors are Versatile

When it comes to iron entry doors, you have a lot of options. You can select from a variety of windows, handles, and other features. Other entry doors may not provide as many options or may be limited in features due to the material used.

If you want a door that is versatile and can be easily customized to meet your needs, custom iron doors are a better option than entry doors made of other materials.

They Make a Good First Impression

A wrought iron door has a tremendous amount of curb appeal. Many people will notice, and you will overhear neighbors, friends, and families discussing your lovely iron door. While this is nice, the beauty it will provide for your property is even better.

Custom Iron Doors 

Wrought iron offers any style and color, as well as shape and size design options and added elements such as sidelights, transoms, or other embellishments.

Having a custom design can communicate a lot about a home or its owner. Although this is not the only reason to switch to iron doors, the increased curb appeal cannot be denied.

Wrought Iron Doors Add an Extra Layer of Protection 

Lastly, one of the primary advantages of wrought iron doors is that they are stronger and more durable than doors made of other materials.

This tough material is difficult to cut through or break, so you can rest easy knowing that your door is made of long-lasting, secure material. When combined with a strong lock or even a home security system, a wrought iron door can be a powerful tool for keeping your home safe.

Invest in High-Quality Wrought Iron Doors for Your Home

Wrought iron has come a long way since it was discovered and has quickly become one of the most highly sought-after materials in the home renovation industry. However, if you want to add character to the interiors of your home with iron doors, you must choose them carefully.

Not all iron door designs and styles work for every space, and finding the right iron door for every room requires expertise and experience. If you’re ready to increase the value of your home, Baltic Iron Doors can help point you in the right direction.

At Baltic Iron Doors, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality wrought iron single entry doors that are sure to add a unique and luxurious touch to your home while also providing you with years of use and longevity.

We can’t wait to help you find a wine cellar iron door that will significantly improve your home’s aesthetic appeal while also adding unparalleled beauty and value—keeping your wine collection in its best condition too.

To find out more about how we can help you with your next home improvement project or help you find wrought iron doors for your home, speak with one of our experts today. Contact us at 877-913-3674 at Baltic Iron Doors today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

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