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Iron Doors for Mediterranean and Spanish Architecture in California

Dec 6, 2021 | Iron Doors

When one thinks of California, one draws up an image of sprawling greenery, a breezy coastline, and properties with pale stucco walls and brick roofs. Such home designs remind us of grand palaces facing European coastlines. And to add to that luxurious experience, homeowners love to fit their Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes with ornate wrought iron doors.

Why Ornate Wrought Iron Doors are Popular in California?

The home of Hollywood, Disneyland, and many beaches, California is a hotbed of culture, tourism, and also, architecture. With its warm summers and mild, wet winters.

California is a Mediterranean den in the Western part of the United States. Unsurprisingly, the most common architectural styles in California are Mediterranean and Spanish Revival, with their white stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, wrought iron doors, and windows.

The state is a popular tourist destination that houses some of the most renowned attractions in the country, property owners are constantly finding ways to make their buildings stand out.

For Mediterranean and Spanish Revival homes, homeowners can display art pieces and build elaborate verandas and courtyards, but one of the best ways to immediately transform your curb appeal is by incorporating a beautifully crafted wrought iron front door.

Mediterranean and Spanish Architecture

A mainstay in the Mediterranean and Spanish architecture, wrought iron is both practical and stylish. Wrought iron allows the outside breeze and sunlight into your home, all while keeping intruders out and serving as great decor for your California homes and shops.

Wrought iron is also incredibly versatile and durable. Wrought iron can be designed in any which way, from simple grilles, all the way to winding vines and flower blooms. They also stand the test of time and can endure for decades when maintained properly.

For California property owners who invest in the aesthetic and safety of their buildings, wrought iron is a great option to achieve both.

What is Mediterranean House Style?

Dating as far back as the 1920s when seaside resorts were sprouting all over the United States, the Mediterranean house style is a dominant architecture in California where beaches and bays are numerous, and the weather is warm and humid.

Characterized by reddish tiles and white or cream stucco walls, as well as stone detailing, balconies, and iron windows and doors, the Mediterranean house style consists of elements inspired by European architecture.

Mediterranean architecture is heavily influenced by the lush hillsides and coasts akin to Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, or Moroccan landscapes. Such flora suits the simple yet elegant structure that Mediterranean house styles are known for.

Another key element in Mediterranean homes is its outdoor space. What better way to unwind in warm weather than to lounge in a courtyard or patio?

Mediterranean homes often have backyards, gardens, and outdoor kitchens that are decorated with large columns and arches, stoned flooring, and wrought iron for an open and spacious floor plan.

What is Spanish Colonial Revival Home Design?

Spanish Colonial Revival home designs share the same basic features as Mediterranean architecture, with its reddish tiles and white stucco walls.

The design is heavily influenced by the hot weather in Spain. Hence, windows are typically small and few to keep the blazing sun out, kitchens are in outdoor courtyards to let heat out, and walls are thick and white to retain cool air during the day and release warmth as temperature drops at night.

Other key features of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture include low-pitched or flat roofs, wooden doors, beams, and window shutters, as well as iron fixtures.

Spanish Revival architecture is the origin of the ranch-style homes we see today. This architecture dates back to the time of Spanish conquistadors in the 1600s to 1800s. Colonizers who settled into new lands with climates similar to that of Spain heavily adopted the architectural style from their homeland, whilst incorporating local materials that were readily available.

To date, Spanish Colonial Revival architecture remains widely popular in states like Florida, Texas, and California, where weather is warmer and more humid. 

Wrought Iron Doors in California

Wrought Iron is made of 100% iron. This makes it incredibly durable and heavy—and lasts decades when taken care of properly.

Wrought iron is also versatile and can be bent and hammered into various shapes and designs. At the hands of seasoned blacksmiths, wrought iron can be used to craft some incredibly unique and elaborate designs that will not only stand the test of time—but will also stand out and increase property value.

With the popularity of Mediterranean and Spanish Revival homes in California, wrought iron is always sought after to decorate verandas, windows, and doors. If you’re looking to fit your Mediterranean or Spanish Revival home with wrought iron, start with your front door.

One of the most common wrought iron fixtures in California is doors because doors are great centerpieces to a property. A property’s front door can transform the appearance of the home and increase its curb appeal.

Additionally, front doors are a primary security feature of any property. By upgrading your front door to one made of iron, you are keeping burglars out while keeping children and pets safely in your home.

One can choose to buy a ready-made single wrought iron door or wrought iron double doors, or get custom iron doors made for a unique design that is sure to grab any passersby’s attention.

Buy Custom Iron Doors 

Enjoy the California weather and welcome the warm breeze into your Mediterranean or Spanish Revival-style homes with beautiful wrought iron doors.

At Baltic Iron Doors, we add beauty and value to your California homes by offering hand-forged iron front doors that are both elegant and durable. We offer single wrought iron doors, wrought iron double doors, as well as custom iron doors.

Select a design from our wide selection of iron doors, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. Contact us at Baltic Iron Doors today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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