Find Your Ideal Exterior and Interior Wrought Iron Doors


If you are looking to elevate the atmosphere or look of your residence or commercial property, then the addition of wrought iron doors is the ideal option. Not only is wrought iron very beautiful, but it is also durable, strong, and can be used to keep your property safe and secure.

This makes it the perfect investment that will last for years to come!




With Baltic Iron™ Doors you will be able to work with industry experts and professionals to design and install the right doors for your property.

Wrought iron is malleable, which means it can be crafted into a very wide variety of styles—from chic minimalism to more glamorous and ornate styles—which can suit any architectural style or home. 

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Having the expertise and guidance of those at Baltic Iron™ Doors allows you to create customized wrought iron doors for your home or business. The doors will match your personal style and also blend beautifully into the architecture of the property.

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With a custom design experience, you can expect premium client care and services tailored to your needs. The process is straightforward and stress-free so that you can enjoy bringing your design vision to life.

Keep reading to learn more about the process at Baltic Iron™ Doors and further information on what you can expect when working with us.




We want everything to be easy for you! Before you purchase custom wrought iron doors, please take time to read the steps to our process below.


  • Initial Meeting 

Before any work can begin, the team at Baltic Iron™ Doors will schedule an initial meeting with you, the client. This meeting will take place at the client’s home, allowing our team to get a feel of the home’s overall design and atmosphere.

It is important that the doors mesh well with the existing features and overall architectural tone of the home. It also provides an opportunity for clients to discuss their vision for the door and how they see it being incorporated into their design sense.

At this initial meeting, we will also take the dimensions for the door and also take some photos for future reference. This will ensure that the style and feel of the home are understood and remembered throughout the design process.

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  • Showroom Visit

Following the initial meeting, a visit to the Baltic Iron™ showroom is arranged for the client. This is a great opportunity that should not be overlooked. The client is taken on a tour of the showroom so that they can see the many design options available to them. It is the best time to see up close and in person, the detailed work of our doors and how wrought iron looks and feels.

After the tour, we will discuss with the client the details of the design that they want, perhaps drawing on inspiration from what they have just seen in the showroom. This is the time to decide on the design and can be a very fun and creative aspect of the process. If needed, our team can offer guidance and advice about what designs will work best with the client’s home.


  • Production

Now that a design has been agreed upon, our team will provide an estimate for the cost of the door and installation. If the price is accepted, then our team will move into production. This is the span of time where the door is being physically made. 

Baltic Iron™ Doors uses the highest quality materials for our doors with craftsmen who have years of experience in the industry and understand how to use the best tools and techniques around. The result is a wrought iron door that is not only visually beautiful and elegant but also very durable and strong.


  • Delivery and Installation 

Finally, when the product is made, Baltic Iron™ Doors will deliver and install the wrought iron door at the property. We ensure that this stage is done in a very convenient and efficient manner so as to minimize any disruption to our clients’ lives as much as possible.




Wrought iron is the preferred choice of many artisans and craftsmen because it is very durable and resistant to weathering for an extended period of time. It is made through a process of smelting iron down to lessen the amount of carbon within the ore. This process makes the iron stronger and hardy. 

The material remains malleable during the process so that it can be crafted into different shapes and designs. Therefore, wrought iron can be crafted into the stunning designs you see in our showroom and on our website.

Baltic Iron™ Doors creates high-quality wrought iron doors that will enhance and elevate the architectural tone and atmosphere of your home. Our craftsmen are leaders in the industry and understand the complexities of the process, which means our wrought iron products are second to none. 

You can learn more about our products and services by browsing our website or giving a member of our team a call. We love to hear more about your vision and how we can help you make the iron doors of your dreams a reality.