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Baltic Iron Doors: Where Luxury Meets Security and Design


The city of Encinitas is a thriving city on the West Coast of San Diego. It is known for having some of the best beaches and weather in the region. Due to its laid-back atmosphere, sprawling beaches, and diverse culture, the town of Encinitas is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Enjoy going to the beach, exploring the local nightlife, and eating at some of the great restaurants in Encinitas. Encinitas is known for hosting street fairs and surfing competitions every year as a result of its great weather.

While Encinitas has low crime rates, you shouldn’t ignore the need to protect your family. Choosing San Diego iron doors is a great way to improve the appearance of your home and keep everyone inside safe.

Baltic Iron Doors: Handcrafting Iron Doors Fit For Your Luxury Home

Decorative wrought iron doors can add an elegant touch to your home, and their rustic appearance helps them blend into the natural surroundings. With the help of a skilled door specialist in the business, you can transform your front doors into an elegant space!

The master craftsmen at Baltic Iron Doors make ornate hand-forged iron doors that are virtually impenetrable, providing you with peace of mind and safety.

Whether you like single or double iron doors, extravagant or basic style, Baltic Iron Doors can create a spectacular entry door for you!

Single Doors

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Double Doors

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Wine Cellar Doors

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Custom Doors

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Adding single iron doors to your home creates a unique and elegant impression without modifying the existing interior structure. We manufacture doors made from high-quality steel, available in various styles and designs.


A double-door foyer creates a striking, sophisticated appearance for your home’s entrance. Double doors are designed to fit your entryway and can be customized to match your home’s style. With the help of an insulated iron door, you can have foam insulation and thermal break technology for comfort and energy efficiency.

Wine Cellar Iron Door

Elegant cellar doors are fitting for your prized wine collection. Whether you are looking for a simple ornate wine cellar iron door, we have designs to suit your home interior. Various in-stock styles and doors with custom designs are available for you to choose from.

Custom Iron Doors

We can customize our designs to meet your specific preferences, adding elegance and distinctiveness to your home. A custom iron door can enhance your home’s security, add value, and boost curb appeal.

High-quality iron doors can add a new level of elegance to any home. With their ornate design, you can enjoy natural light in your entryway. There is nothing like an iron door to make your house stand out from the rest!


Adding modern iron entry doors to your home’s facade can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal, increase its value, and provide an estate-like entrance.

With Baltic Iron Doors, you can customize any entryway with modern iron doors. Featuring high-quality materials and a variety of styles and designs, these entry doors are ideal for any home.

If you’re considering a new home entry door, you may wonder which material is best for your home. There are many reasons why wrought iron doors are an excellent choice!


They Showcase Your Style

You can make your home stand out with ornamental iron doors no matter what your decor or style is! You can add curb appeal to your home with an iron door. Meanwhile, if you want to save space, you can opt for sliding or pocket doors.


They Enhance Security

If you’re looking for iron doors that will last a lifetime, regardless of the style, we can build and design one for you. They can also increase your home security, as breaking through an iron door is nearly impossible. For added functionality, we can also install weather stripping.


They Can Last For a Lifetime

Wrought iron doors are built to last for decades. An iron door will not warp under harsh weather conditions and will not rot like wooden gates.


They Add Value to Your Home

One simple renovation can make a huge difference in the value of your home! Iron doors make your house stand out while adding a layer of security, attracting the attention of potential home buyers.


You can increase the value of your home with one simple renovation! In addition to adding an extra layer of security, these doors can make your house stand out from the rest.

At Baltic Iron Doors, we pride ourselves on adding that wow factor to your home! You can count on our team of skilled professionals to design, fabricate, and install wrought iron doors in San Diego. These doors are pre-hung and tested for durability.

With our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, we can provide the best service in the industry to our customers.

From San Marcos to Rancho Santa Fe to Del Mar, we’ve got you covered! Let us help you create stunning iron entry doors by scheduling a consultation with us today.

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