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10 Questions to Ask in Choosing the Right Iron Door Manufacturer

Feb 8, 2021 | Iron Doors

If you’re in the market for a door that will stand the test of time, insulates you from the weather outside, protects you from potential intruders, and looks stylish and tasteful, you should get your custom iron doors from the right manufacturer.

Custom iron doors are the most durable and elegant doors you will ever find. These are also some of the most expensive, so you have to be critical when choosing your iron door manufacturer.

Choosing the Right Iron Door Manufacturer

With the abundance of furniture shops that sell doors, it can be a challenge to choose the right manufacturer that would work with you on the process of installing your home with new iron doors.

These types of doors are a great investment if you buy them from the right iron door manufacturer. They will last you years, survive various weather conditions, and look amazing in your home.

However, if they are produced by the wrong iron door manufacturer, they can be made with subpar quality materials. Low-quality doors lack insulation and priming, which make them rust and wear down in just a few years.

Knowing what questions to ask manufacturers when choosing an iron door is a must for making your investment worthwhile.

So, here’s are questions you should consider:

  • What kind of steel is used to make your iron doors?

Though iron is the most durable material to use for making doors, not all manufacturers use the same kind of metal to build their custom wrought iron doors.

You want to find a manufacturer who uses 12 gauge tubing and solid forgings to make their iron doors. This means that the manufacturer uses sheet metal that is 0.1046 inches thick and weighs 4.267 pounds per square foot.

This ensures that the end result will be durable wrought iron that is not too heavy for comfortable use. 

  • Where are your iron doors manufactured?

When purchasing iron doors, you should know where they are manufactured. Some iron door suppliers are actually retailers with ready-made iron doors from overseas sitting in a warehouse.

You want to find an iron door manufacturer locally. This helps ascertain the quality of the materials used to make the iron door and that they meet your local standard.

It also means your iron door did not ship from overseas and stayed in a warehouse for months. If this is not the case, products could be exposed to the harsh elements and suffer the beginnings of wear and tear.

  • Do your iron doors have insulation features?

One of the reasons people choose iron doors over more affordable options is because iron doors stand against weather conditions better.

During winter or cold months, a good iron door will be installed with dense foam insulation, often made of polyurethane, to help preserve heat within the house and keep the cold out.

  • Are your doors rust-resistant?

Though an iron door is a durable material, iron by itself is prone to rust when exposed to weather conditions.

A good iron door manufacturer treats its iron with a zinc galvanization process that shields it from oxygen and moisture.

Some manufacturers also put additional clear coatings as well to help the iron door last longer and make them easier to maintain.

  • Can you customize your iron doors?

Unlike other kinds of doors, iron doors are customizable and can be designed specifically to fit unusual proportions and result in a unique style.

If your iron door manufacturer is based in the USA, they likely provide customization. You can give them the dimensions and design you’re looking for to receive a quotation.

  • How many designs do you have to choose from?

Whether you’re thinking of getting your iron door customized or you’re buying a ready-made one to save on time and money, it’s good to ask the manufacturer how many designs of iron doors they carry.

This gives you an idea of their work and gives you more options when choosing a ready-made iron door.

Looking through past designs also helps you come up with ideas for customization. You get a chance to know whether their craftsmanship suits the aesthetic you’re looking for.

If you decide to go for custom iron entry doors, you already have an idea of what the end product will look like.

  • Do you have iron doors that come predrilled?

Whether you’re installing your iron door yourself or you’re hiring someone else to do it for you, having ones that already have drill holes in them is a great convenience.

Not only is it difficult to drill iron, but having predrilled holes also saves you from making a mistake in terms of measurement which could significantly impact how your door fits into its frame.

  • Do you deliver your iron doors?

When purchasing standard-sized doors, it’s possible to buy them from a shop and bring it home with you in your car.

Unlike most doors, however, iron doors are a lot heavier, and oftentimes, because they are customized, they are much larger and could not fit in normal cars.

It’s a good idea to ask about a manufacturer’s delivery services, whether they have their own delivery system or whether you need to ship it through a courier.

A good iron door manufacturer should have convenient delivery services packaged with their iron doors and should make it easy for you to receive yours at home.

  • Do you have installation services?

Iron doors are incredibly heavy and would need more effort to install than any other door. A good iron door manufacturer should have the option to install your door for you. Since they made your door, they would know how to best handle it.

Also, by offering to do the installation for you, they are giving you security and good customer service because they helped you with your door from its conceptualization to its use.

This minimizes the amount of work you would have to put in yourself or the time you would spend finding someone else to install the door.

  • How much do your iron doors cost?

Because doors made from iron are most durable, they are also quite costly. Before buying an iron door or ordering one for customization, you should first find out how much it would cost you including the delivery and installation.

Choose the Right Custom Iron Door Manufacturer

If you’re thinking about purchasing a ready-made iron door, manufacturers can provide you with their prices or you can check their website.

However, if you’re getting a custom iron door, look for a reliable ironwork company. They should be able to give you a quotation within a reasonable amount of time.

To learn more about custom wrought iron doors, contact us at Baltic Iron Doors today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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