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How to Choose an Iron Door to Fit Your Mediterranean Style Home in California

Feb 26, 2024 | Blogs

Mediterranean style homes in California, with their stucco walls, arched doors, and terracotta roofs, evoke the warmth and charm of European houses. Incorporating a custom wrought iron door can enhance this aesthetic while adding security and value to your property.

Whether you’re looking for a single entry or a double iron door, here’s how to select the perfect wrought iron door that complements the architectural style and design elements of your Mediterranean home.

Advantages of Custom Wrought Iron Front Doors for Mediterranean Homes

Wrought iron doors have long been a popular choice for Mediterranean-style homes, embodying a blend of elegance, strength, and historical charm. These custom metal doors are not just entry points but key elements that define the home’s character and curb appeal. Here’s why they are the perfect choice for Mediterranean design:

Visual Appeal

Iron doors are renowned for their visual appeal, adding a layer of sophistication and grandeur to Mediterranean homes. The intricate patterns and timeless appeal of these doors complement the stucco walls, arched doors, and terracotta roof tiles typical of Mediterranean architecture, enhancing the overall architectural style.

Whether you opt for double iron doors or a wrought iron single entry door, the craftsmanship and aesthetic of ironwork can transform the facade of your home.

Natural Light

Mediterranean design is all about bright, airy spaces. Wrought iron doors, particularly those with glass options like rain glass, opaque glass, or tempered glass, allow natural light to flood the entryway, creating inviting and perfect entryways while maintaining privacy. This blend of transparency and security is ideal for homeowners who wish to welcome guests with warm, sunlit interiors.


Beyond their beauty, wrought iron doors provide superior security compared to traditional wood doors or steel doors. The robust material and custom design options ensure that your home is protected without compromising on style. This makes wrought iron doors a wise investment for those looking to enhance the safety of their Mediterranean homes.


One of the most significant advantages of custom iron doors is the ability to tailor them to your personal style and your home’s architectural elements. From the color options and design options to the types of glass and intricate patterns, custom door designs allow for a high degree of personalization. Whether your home is a blend of Mediterranean design and contemporary design, or more aligned with traditional homes, craftsman-style homes, or European homes, there is a custom wrought iron door to match.

The iron door design process and selection process for your custom iron door can be tailored to ensure that every aspect, from the material to the hardware and glass elements, aligns with your vision and the common theme of your home’s design.

Factors to Consider For Architectural Aesthetic

Custom wrought iron doors can be designed to reflect the clean lines, simple lines, or sleek lines of contemporary homes, or they can feature the more elaborate and ornate details common in traditional Mediterranean and European architecture. Here are some essential factors to consider before picking a design.


While wrought iron is the traditional choice, modern iron doors can incorporate other materials, like glass or wood, for a unique look. Choose materials that complement the Mediterranean design and withstand local weather conditions.


Neutral colors like beige, terracotta, or warm grays complement Mediterranean homes. However, for those looking to make a statement, color options in custom door designs can include bold hues that contrast beautifully against neutral stucco walls.

Style and Design

The architectural elements of your home should guide the style and design of your iron door. Arched doors are quintessentially Mediterranean, but contemporary designs can offer a modern twist. Consider custom wrought iron door designs that reflect the common theme of Mediterranean architecture, such as intricate patterns or simple lines.

Size and Proportion

The size and proportion of the door should align with your home’s scale and design. Double iron doors can make a grand statement, while a wrought iron single entry door might suit a more understated entryway. Custom iron doors can be designed to fit any space perfectly.


The hardware is a key element in the overall look of your door. Choose hardware that matches the Mediterranean aesthetic, such as hand-forged handles and hinges, to complement the door’s design elements.

Glass Elements

Glass options in wrought iron doors range from rain glass and opaque glass to tempered glass. Select types of glass that enhance natural light while fitting the Mediterranean style, such as rain glass for privacy or clear glass to showcase views.

Weather Resistance

Mediterranean homes often feature outdoor living spaces, so it’s crucial to choose exterior doors that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Ensure your custom metal door is treated to resist corrosion and fitted with weatherproof seals.

Landscaping and Entryway

Your door should integrate seamlessly with the landscaping and entryway design. Consider the surrounding elements, like glass windows, stucco walls, and the overall color palette, when selecting your door to create perfect entryways.

Local Regulations

Be aware of local regulations and homeowners association guidelines when choosing your door design. Ensure that your custom wrought iron door complies with all local requirements.

Looking for Ironworks to Customize Your Iron Front Doors?

When it’s time to customize your Mediterranean home’s entryway, look no further than Baltic Iron Doors! Our expertise in crafting beautiful, custom iron doors ensures that your entrance will be the perfect blend of Mediterranean charm and modern security. With a wide range of design options, from traditional to contemporary metal doors, we can help you create an entryway that reflects your personal style while enhancing the timeless appeal of your Mediterranean home.

Let us help you create an entrance that’s not just a doorway but a statement of your home’s elegance and your impeccable taste. Explore our collections and start the design process with Baltic Iron Doors today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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