Mediterranean Entryway with Custom Iron Doors

Oct 4, 2021 | Custom Doors


If you live in a hot climate and want an entryway that speaks to elegance and modernity, and at the same time lets the breeze in, then custom iron doors will appeal to your style.

Not only does this architectural style compliment regional aesthetics, but iron doors can also add practical benefits to your lifestyle no matter where you live.

If you live somewhere like California or Florida, adding the style and practicality of a modern Mediterranean front door can enhance the visuals and safety of your home. To learn more about how our custom iron doors can enhance your life, keep reading.

Mediterranean Doors for Coastal Climates

A warm coastal climate is a perfect place to recreate a bit of the Mediterranean. Not only are the climates remarkably similar, but lifestyle and aesthetics often mirror the Italian or Spanish coast as well.

Iron doors are beautifully insulated which means you will not have hot air entering or leaving your home on cold or hot days. Instead, the temperature will stay regulated so you can relax and feel comfortable no matter what time of year it may be.

Additionally, your neighbors will love and appreciate the additional style of an Italian or Spanish-style door. It adds beauty and texture to any home’s exterior and is sure to blend seamlessly into your coastal neighborhood.

Another reason to choose wrought iron Spanish doors is the added safety they provide. Even in the safest neighborhoods, it is nice to know that your home is locked up safely when you leave.

Iron doors can have double locks installed within them and iron itself is one of the strongest materials that doors are made of.

Entryways that Speak to European Living

Many European countries have a reputation for a slow pace of life, allowing people to savor every moment as it comes and goes.

Another trait many are known for is their natural hospitality, brimming over with joyful welcomings and large dinners at home. If you want to bring this way of life into yours, why not start at the beginning which is your home’s entryway.

Your entryway will set the tone for the rest of the space and a Mediterranean front door is a simple yet elegant way to accept family, friends, and guests into your home.

Not only are these doors reminiscent of the European way of life, but they are often larger with a double door feature, allowing the doors to be thrown wide open to allow guests inside.

Mediterranean entryways are often taller, which can provide a sense of airiness and openness. This additional space may be just what you need to calm down and recharge as you reenter your oasis after a long day at work or returning from a trip away.

A Style that Suits Any Home

You may be surprised, but wrought iron doors are a beautiful addition to any home, no matter when it was built or what architectural style it was made in.

With wrought iron Spanish doors, you will have the assistance and expertise of our team to guide you in your decision. You will have lots to choose from, such as a minimal Spanish-style iron door or a more ornate design that could fit in on the Italian coastline.

Whichever design you opt for, you can ensure that it will blend in well with your home so that it seems like it has always been an architectural element, integral to the character of your place.

You will also find that wrought iron doors designed in this style naturally suit coastal climates such as California or Florida. One reason for this is that these styles have been popular in these areas for many decades already.

This means that your home will be keeping in with the character of the neighborhood, but can still stand out if you choose a special design or opt for the highest quality craftsmanship such as that found at Baltic Iron Doors.

Design Elements of Spanish and Italian Iron Doors

While it might be natural to assume that all iron doors have the same design elements across the board, Mediterranean doors actually have certain stylistic elements that set them apart from the rest. 

  • Size – Mediterranean doors can be the same size as your average American-style door. However, it is very common to see Italian and Spanish iron doors that offer a wider entryway to provide a bigger welcome for guests and more airflow throughout the house.
  • Frame Design – for a truly Mediterranean entryway, you will want a door frame that has an arch design. This design element mimics the most famous and common doors throughout the Mediterranean, adding undeniable style and charm to your home. For a more unique look, you may prefer a pointed arch, which can seem slightly Arabian or like a door from the Alhambra. Oftentimes, Mediterranean doors are usually ornately designed with wrought iron. These designs may cover glass windows or a wooden door and can actually make the door look larger than it is.
  • Color – if you find yourself walking throughout a coastal town in Italy or Spain you will notice that the doorways are mostly made of dark-colored wood with inlaid iron or a wrought iron covering. This mix of materials and colors is not only beautiful but also adds depth and dimension to the entryway for heightened curb appeal.
  • Handles – there are two most popular door handle styles for a Mediterranean entryway, long and curved or circular with an ornate pattern or design. The former is the more practical choice and will be easier to use on a daily basis. However, the circular design can be very grand and unique and is a go-to for any villa-style abode.

If the Mediterranean style speaks to you, explore the beautiful and ornate custom wrought iron doors designed and crafted by Baltic Iron Doors.

You can work alongside our expert team of craftsmen to come up with the bespoke iron doors of your dreams, creating the perfect entryway to your home.

If you’re planning on increasing your home’s curb appeal and value and improving its already elegant design, contact us at Baltic Iron Doors today.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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