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Feb 14, 2020 | Custom Doors

There is no place like home. Aside from keeping your loved ones safe, installing custom iron doors in your home entrance adds aesthetic and a comfy environment whenever you enter or leave your beloved abode.

Luxury iron doors are a smart investment in your home’s facade that can drastically provide an appealing ambiance and increase the value of your home with an estate-like appearance.

Recognized for their decorative designs and exquisite styles, custom iron doors are an upgrade to your standard commercial doors made of wood, fiberglass, and steel doors. More than the aesthetic appeal, a home with solid iron doors is a worthwhile investment with several practical features.

Why Invest in Custom Iron Doors?

Below are the reasons it is a good idea to have a solid iron door for your entryway.


With the stable and durable structure of iron doors, they can prevent thieves or unwanted individuals from an easy break-in. Homeowners can sleep comfortably at night, having a safe front entry that provides reliable security against intruders.

Solid iron doors employ heavy-duty materials that are durable and hard to break. Intruders will have a difficult time penetrating these doors. Also, custom wrought iron doors can withstand typhoons, high pressure, intense winds, fires, disasters, and potential threats.

Never ignore your entrance door as your initial gateway to a secured home. A solid door – whether it’s a single wrought iron door or a wrought iron double door – can keep you safe from all any form of burglary or potential threat.


Changing your front doors to luxury iron doors is a good way to increase the value of your home, make your household more attractive, and ensure your family’s security. In most cases, solid iron doors provide your home with a luxurious appearance and distinct design and color.

In the future, if you decide to sell your house, installing a solid iron door provides your home added value with a good return on investment.


Durability is a key consideration for luxury iron doors. With the high-quality structure of wrought iron doors, these stunning solid iron doors can overcome extreme temperatures, inclement weather conditions, elevated levels of pressure, and do not easily get damaged. Custom iron doors can last for decades.


Have you ever thought about the level of thermal protection that your household needs? Your solid iron doors can provide your required assistance. Luxury iron doors are necessary for added insulation, can you save you money and help conserve the environment.

For those living in cold places, invest in a custom iron door that provides thermal insulation. During winter, keeping your home warm is a common problem. Solid iron doors are the perfect choices for thermal insulation. They are made of materials that can contain heat for an extended period.

Keeping your home warm is not enough using your insulated windows alone. With the help of an insulated custom iron door, you can have foam insulation and thermal breaks to aid in slowing down the heat loss. With this, you do not have to pay for so much electricity in heating your home. This is also advantageous to the environment by minimizing energy consumption.


When asked about wrought iron doors, many people think of aesthetics. Certainly, this is only one of the reasons you should shift to iron doors. No one can ignore the curb appeal that custom double iron doors add to any home.

Solid iron doors come in various patterns that can be mixed and matched with different home styles. Iron has the characteristics of elegance, style, and versatility. You can choose from simple wrought to melodramatic double iron doors. They are also customizable and you can choose your preferred pattern.


For homes with uniquely sized doors, it is difficult to look for a standard door as a replacement. A luxury iron door is highly recommended for unique homes that do not have standard-sized doorways. Wrought iron doors can be tailor-fit with regard to shape and have a wide range of sizes to address your needs. These save time in remodeling your doorway in order to fit in a standard door.


An iron door is more expensive compared to more common doors like wood or glass. This could be the reason homeowners do not immediately consider it. However, overall, this is an investment that provides you great savings. You may have to shell out more money now, but replacement is rare, so this means saving more and fewer repair costs over the long run.

Also, investing in solid iron doors prevent potential property risks from natural disasters and sneak-outs. The costly iron, initially, avoids future costs and an investment in your home’s future.


For any modern household, light is one of the vital visual elements. In using other door materials, you may consider adding windows. However, they would not be as safe or striking compared to custom iron doors. Single and double iron doors alike enable the light to flow in the door’s entrance without the glass components becoming a security risk.


Luxury iron doors have various thicknesses. You are free to select what fits your home. The thicker the wrought iron door, the stronger it is.

Double iron doors can be selected based on the gauges. Those with higher gauges have reduced doors’ thickness. Heavy-duty custom iron doors are thicker and stronger, which makes them worth the added expense.

For your Orange County home, installing a custom iron door is the best approach to boost its aesthetics. Wrought, double iron doors provide a luxurious home appearance, along with timelessness and elegance that separate them among the existing homes in your neighborhood.


Deciding to install either single or double door is a major statement. This enables you to build your home to be distinctly beautiful while providing extra security to the people who reside in your household.

Investing in wrought iron doors means prioritizing design and safety altogether, as these last for decades. To increase your home’s value, look, and security at all times, it is advised to modify your existing front doors.

If you are looking for a custom iron door fabrication services provider, visit the Baltic Iron Doors’ gallery of custom iron doors.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

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