How to Choose the Perfect Wine Cellar Door

Sep 6, 2021 | Wine Cellar Doors

A wine cellar is a great addition to any household or restaurant. It’s also the best tool to preserve wine so you can enjoy them anytime you want. To make it aesthetically unique, adding wrought iron single entry doors can seal the deal.

Having a wine cellar in which to store your collection can be an incredibly exciting project, and most people get caught up designing the space—from the racks to the lighting. However, don’t neglect your wine cellar door.

The primary purpose of a wine cellar is to provide the best setting for wine to age—hence there are various conditions that your door should meet so it will not become the weak link in your beautifully built wine cellar.

The Functionality of A Wine Cellar Door

Wine ages best in an environment having 50% to 70% humidity. This much humidity ensures that the label and cork on the wine bottle don’t wear down or dry off.

Though you must certainly invest in cooling units, humidifiers, or vapor barriers, your efforts to maintain the perfect humidity can easily be sabotaged by a poorly chosen wine cellar door.

To help preserve the ideal humidity in a wine cellar, there are three functionalities that your wine door must have: insulation, security, and integrity.

  • Insulation

As humidity is the most important element in a wine cellar, having a door that has a great insulating ability is crucial. A door that not only blocks humidity but also the temperature is even better as it is also a factor that impacts the aging of wine. 

  • Security

Wine cellars are meant to keep wines in as much as they are to keep unwanted people out. Whether it be burglars or underage drinkers, your wine cellar door should offer sufficient security to prevent intruders from breaking into your wine cellar.

  • Integrity

Wine is stored for years in wine cellars. One of the primary objectives of a wine cellar is to withstand the test of time and provide excellent space for wine aging. As such, the last thing anyone wants is a door that breaks down or needs repairing quite often.

Though some doors cost less than others, it’s worth looking into their integrity and paying a bit of extra for something that lasts. If the workmanship and material are not up to par, you should not use it as a wine cellar door. 

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Wine Cellar Door

After identifying what conditions a wine cellar door should fulfill, it is easier to choose the perfect one for your needs and wants. Using the above-mentioned functions as criteria, you should be able to determine the perfect door for your wine cellar by looking at its material, frame, size, and design.

  • Material 

When in the market for doors, always consider their material. The most common materials for wine cellar doors are wood, glass, and iron.

While wood is the most common choice as it offers a lot of versatility – in terms of size, density, finish, and design – and glass tends to lend a modern look and allows you to showcase your wine collection from the outside, plain glass and wood simply cannot satisfy the needs of your wine cellar. An iron wine cellar door is the best option for anyone looking to maximize aesthetic appeal and give a bit of rustic style to their cellar.

In addition to all of this, an iron wine cellar door has internal insulation and thermal breaks. Moreover, iron doors can be outfitted with additional insulating material which makes them excellent choices for wine cellars whatever the climate. 

Though iron doors are often more expensive than their wood and glass counterparts, they also last longer with proper maintenance and will give you the highest appraisal should you consider selling your property. 

  • Frame 

As insulation is vital to a wine cellar, you should consider the size of the door frame as well. It should fit tightly on the door frame and there must be no gaps around the door.

The bottom should have a sweep and the frame should have weather stripping all around. This helps preserve humidity within your wine cellar.

  • Size

Any wine cellar design plan should consider door size. Depending on the size of your wine cellar, you may be able to purchase pre-made doors with door frames in stores. 

But oftentimes, those who build wine cellars enjoy a bit more grandeur to their designs and larger doors allow them to better showcase their wine collection. In such cases, you may need to have a door custom-made to fit the sizing you designed.

  • Design

Though function is the priority for all wine cellar doors, appearance should not be an afterthought, especially if you are considering selling your property in the future.

A wine cellar in itself is capable of increasing your property value. But adding a well-structured and well-designed door to your cellar can only improve your appraisal.

As such, investing in a beautiful door design may be a great investment. In terms of material, any door material is customizable. Wood is easiest and is usually more affordable than glass or iron. Glass looks great but is not the most durable.

Meanwhile, iron is more expensive but is incredibly durable and can provide a greater return on investment.

In terms of size, the design also matters greatly. Some designs are more suitable to certain sizes so you may consider getting your wine cellar door custom-made for better results. In the hands of experienced manufacturers, customized doors can be incredibly stylish and befitting your wine cellar design.

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