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How to Design the Perfect Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors for Your Collection

Jun 21, 2021 | Wine Cellar Doors

A wine cellar is a perfect addition to any wine lover’s home. Not only does it appealingly store your collection, but it also adds amazing curb appeal to your home while you are entertaining guests. 

A great wine cellar door is the crowning touch on your wine cellar. The door is a critical component of wine storage because it separates the internal environment from the outside. 

An iron wine cellar door is not just a decoration; it plays a necessary role in creating an effective wine storage environment by offering enclosure, insulation, and an air barrier to keep your wines at the ideal temperature and humidity for years at a time while also adding beauty to the overall design of your wine room. 

What is a Wine Cellar and How Is It Useful? 

Wine cellars are special rooms specially designed to keep your wine at the right temperature and humidity to last for many years away from excessive vibration and light. 

Some of them serve as a decorative piece and interior design item, while others are perfect for increasing the storage capacity of a kitchen or dining room. 

Over the past few years, many manufacturers designed models that look very stylish and functional in addition to any home. For a wine cellar to maintain a low humidity level necessary for long-term storage, it needs to have a proper ventilation system built inside. 

It is not difficult to put together one yourself, and some of the modern wine cellars come with all the required elements. 

Does a Wine Cellar Increase Home Value? 

Whether you are building a brand new custom home or adding a wine cellar in your existing home, the allure of having a place to store your collection is undeniable. 

Not only is it cool to have a fully stocked private selection, but studies now show that having your own private wine cellar may actually increase your home value

What Makes an Ideal Wine Cellar? 

A wine cellar adds storage to the home and also provides a nice room for relaxing and entertaining friends and family or just enjoying your own private time. To that end, here are some factors to keep in mind when buying wine cellar doors.

A Well-Curated Collection 

A well-curated collection of wines is an invitation to your guests to join you for dinner. Show off your style and sophistication with a unique collection, collected over decades by winemakers and winegrowers from the best wine regions in the world. 

Proper Ventilation 

As a cellar should be dark and protected from light, installing a mechanical ventilation system keeps the air moving and fresh. 

Wine cellar ventilation is necessary to allow musty air to leave the cellar and allow fresh air to enter; otherwise, the atmosphere in a wine cellar has the potential to be stale and vinegary. Solutions vary according to the type of storage used. 

Do not let your wine cellar be humid. Much worse, do not let it be too dry! As it is a cellar, the temperature can vary from 18 to 20 degrees and humidity over 70 %. Air ventilation is crucial – install a ventilation system as soon as possible. 

Good Organization and Presentation 

Wine storage is an essential part of wine enjoyment. With an organized wine cellar, you can find wines instantly, avoid having to open a bottle too early or too late, and recognize gaps in your collection. You will enjoy a clean, uncluttered aesthetic design, that you can identify and pick your wine bottles. 

Light Management 

If the cellar has any windows, shades or shutters must be installed to block out light. To age wine is to give it time, so a good wine cellar should be a dark place, preferably in a basement, to avoid sudden temperature variations. The right wines gain better depth, complexity and flavor from aging. 

The main enemy of wine is light (and heat), and you will need some form of the maturing cellar if you want your wine to develop its full potential. 


All wine cellars need a floor covering; the right floor helps keep the humidity and temperature stable. Always ensure that your wine cellar has a floor covering with special insulation for the casks and bottles, or concrete floors, etc. 

You can cover it with gravel, sand or whatever is suitable for the room and the casks you are placing on it, maybe leaving one space out of three unoccupied so that there is enough air circulation around the casks to even out the temperature between them. 

Tips for Designing Your Wine Cellar Door 

A wine cellar requires careful planning to build, including the size, shape, and material. This guide is packed with expert tips on how to build wine cellar iron doors. 

Consider the Climate 

As you plan your wine cellar wrought iron door design and size, the most important thing to consider is wine storage temperature. 

After opening, delicate wines can become too warm if stored in a heated area. It will be worth your time to find out what the ideal temperature is for each type of wine and store it accordingly. 

Regardless of which way you go, consider hiring a professional to ensure that your cellar keeps your wine safe and sound for years to come! 

Acquire a Custom Fit 

If you are building your wine cellar door, it’s important to get the wrought iron cellar door right. 

It’s your first line of defense against air infiltration and decay of your carefully selected vintages. 

Since an older home door may not function properly or provide adequate insulation, you may be better off ordering a custom fit door. Iron allows for very intricate detailing. 

Therefore, you can design a one-of-a-kind fitting for both form and function.

Strike a Balance 

From an appearance perspective, wood or glass doors will give you an elegant look and feel, as they bring out the details of your wines and give people a glimpse inside. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to have security at the top of your agenda, you can opt for a small vent-style door or a solid metal panel that opens across the width of the vault. 

Focus On Insulation 

Every time the wrought iron wine cellar door is opened and closed, you get condensation in the room, creating an opportunity to rust. Insulate or line your door with a high-quality insulating material such as Gore-Tex, or install a dehumidifier humidifier like Affresh in conjunction with a compressor. 

Get The Iron Wine Cellar Door of Your Dreams  

To get the best wine cellar door in Orange County, you have to work with highly skilled artisans who will handcraft a piece of art for your cellar. Get it expertly designed so that it blends in with your cellar’s decor. 

If you’re thinking of investing in a wine cellar for your home, make sure to top it off with a stunning and durable iron wine cellar door. Our professional team has years of experience when it comes to creating custom iron doors, and we’d love to design one for your home. Contact us at Baltic Iron Doors today.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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