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9 Holiday Decorating Tips for Designing Your Single Wrought Iron Doors

Nov 13, 2020 | Single Door

Decorating for the holidays is a great way to make your home stand out and make it welcoming for family, friends, and other people in the neighborhood. Single wrought iron doors offer plenty of unique decorating opportunities, unlike wood or glass doors.

Decorating Your Iron Doors for the Holidays

Here are 10 decorating tips for the holidays to make the most of your wrought iron door. 

1.Take Advantage of the Door’s Design

Wrought iron single entry doors come in a variety of styles, so why not choose decorations that match your door’s aesthetic? When you work with what you have, the overall effect will be even better.

Do you have a door with lots of scrolls and curves? If so, you have plenty of decor options. You can reference the curving design of your door and put together a whimsical, fun look worthy of a Dr. Seuss book. Think stripes, bright colors, and cartoonish styles. If that’s not your style, try something dramatic and elegant with gold accents. 

Doors with a more minimalist look can be decorated in a similarly simple, elegant style. 

If your door has a classic, rustic look, embrace that direction for your decorating. Try including wood, burlap, or bundles of pine branches into your decoration. These simple but attractive decorations will work with your door to create a cohesive look. 

2. Choose Your Colors

Holiday decorations have more room for a personal style than ever. That means you can experiment with colors a little, aside from the classic red and green color scheme that we all love. Red and green are colorful, cheerful options that will instantly show your festivity.

For a more wintery feel, try using white and blue to evoke snow and icicles. If you want a fun, playful look, there are plenty of pink and purple ornaments and garlands available.

Plain white and cream colors are simple but elegant, and they stand out beautifully against dark wrought iron single entry doors. Combine them with gold details for a festive, regal touch.

3. Add Foliage

Plants, real or fake, make a great centerpiece for the decor outside your home. Traditional pine garlands are a holiday staple, and they always look great. You can get wreaths made from eucalyptus, olive leaves, lavender, and more.

Check specialty grocery stores or health food stores for wreaths and branches you can hang on your wrought iron single doors

Berries add a pop of bright red color to your decorations, and they’re a great way to draw attention to your front door. Dried oranges and magnolia leaves can also add an excellent warm touch to your decor. 

4. Dust Decorations With Faux Snow

Faux snow is a fun touch on a variety of decorations. To get this effect, you can use store-bought cans of spray snow. If you’re dealing with a flat surface, you can also use felt or batting as faux-snow. 

Frosted garlands and wreaths are elegant, and you can find pre-frosted ones in stores. 

If you want to add even more snow to your decor, use it to dust ornaments and other plastic or metal decorations.

5. Put Up Lights

String lights are closely associated with the holiday season, and they always seem to bring some extra cheer to a front yard.

People often hang these from the roof, but you can easily use them to frame your door instead. You can even use the wrought iron to your advantage and wind it through the door itself for a more unique look.

There are plenty of string light styles available. Go retro with large colorful bulb lights, or add small, dainty lights. Hanging icicle lights will also bring drama to your decor. 

Whatever you choose is sure to bring cheer on dark winter evenings!

6. Garlands

Garlands are a holiday classic, and they hang nicely around single iron doors. You can use them to highlight the shape of your door and create a grand entryway. 

Fresh garlands made from real plants are elegant, and they often smell good, too. The scent of pines and dried fruit at your front door is always a nice touch. 

Some garlands are more delicate than others. Garlands made from popcorn and cranberries are a tradition, and you can spend a fun evening making your own. Linked paper garlands can be cute, but they don’t stand up to the weather as the other options do. 

If you want garlands you can use year after year, there are plenty of options. Felt garlands come in all kinds of colors, and you can even make them yourself. Fabric garlands made from burlap or velvet bring a lot of personalities, too.

7. Try Themes

As you’re decorating, you can add some of your own personality to the decor. Themed decorations are a lot of fun, and you can incorporate some of your favorite things into the holiday spirit.

If you’re a football fanatic, you can represent your favorite team by using their mascot or team colors. If snowmen are your favorite holiday motif, you can put up snowman ornaments, or door hangings made from wood.

8. Use Textiles

One of the best things about winter is the chance to get cozy with your favorite sweaters, scarves, and blankets. Winter fabrics and yarns are the perfect way to call up some holiday spirit. 

You can use a strip of plaid fabric to tie together a collection of pine branches on your door or add it to a wreath. Red plaid is especially festive! 

Bows made out of burlap or holiday fabric can be very charming, and they’re easy to make yourself or buy at the store. Burlap and jute string add rustic charm to any decor.

Knit decor adds some texture and a welcoming feel to your front door. Look for stockings or sweater wreaths. 

9. Get Crafty

For really unique decorations for your front door, try creating them yourself. There are plenty of tutorials available. You can create your own wreaths, make garlands from old t-shirts, or even sew your own stockings. Felt, yarn, and glue guns come in handy here.

If you have kids, you can get them involved in the process as a fun family activity. Together you can create a family keepsake that you can use year after year. 

Choose the Right Wrought Iron Single Entry Doors

If you wish to add or replace your wrought iron single entry doors, you need a company that provides only the best quality products.

Our team offers you customized single iron doors. We can work with you and have your personalized design fabricated and installed in no time.

Make this holiday season more festive, contact us at Baltic Iron Doors today!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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