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Whether you’re considering selling your home in 2020 or hoping to update certain elements, investing in the exterior of your home, including the doorway, will deliver a high return on your investment when it comes to both resale and personal enjoyment. One of the most impactful things you can do to your home’s exterior is to install wrought iron doors.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top entry door trends for 2020 so that you can improve your home and increase resale value.

Types of Entry Door for 2020 Trends


Wood entry doors remain one of the most common options available today. However, they’re also one of the most expensive, and they require plenty of maintenance. They’re also susceptible to warping, rotting, and expanding, so they’re not always the best choice for those who live in a place where the weather can change at the drop of a hat.


Fiberglass doors are durable and energy-efficient. They won’t warp or rot like wood. However, fiberglass is another expensive option. These doors also don’t offer much in the way of customization according to personal style.


Iron doors offer security, strength, and energy efficiency. Unlike wood doors, they do not rot or warp. Unlike fiberglass doors, they’re incredibly customizable. Best of all, despite these benefits, iron doors are the most affordable of the lot.

Mixing Styles

Your preferences shouldn’t be based on one singular design style. We’ve seen a lot of hybrid looks that incorporate many different styles, from farmhouse and mid-century mixtures to Victorian and modern.

What this means for your iron doors in California is that you don’t need an old-style home to make these doors work for you and your home. In fact, you can choose between countless designs that inspire you to create a truly unique front entrance for your home.

When fusing styles, you can also combine material. Wrought iron doors fit perfectly with glass to further increase the door’s aesthetic appeal.


More pigmented colors are transforming homes across the country to add accents to an otherwise boring home. Your home deserves a show-stopping appearance that will stand out from the rest on your street.

Gone are the days where a traditional red or wood front door would suffice. Instead, statement doors define an entryway with both style and elegance. Black doors are also trending, along with glass and iron elements. For coastal homes, however, pastel shades are on trend for 2020.

To this end, a wrought iron door can be crafted in a design of your choice, and painted in any color you want as well.


Homeowners are busy, which means they want to make investments that pay off and are easy to maintain. They want the full outdoor experience, with little effort, which means opting for products that are high quality and durable, like iron.

Your entry doors should require little to no maintenance. After all, how many homeowners really take the time to fuss over their front door? While it may be a large investment, after a couple of years, most of us forget to take care of the door.

Low maintenance materials like iron means that homeowners only have to use a mild soap and water to take care of their entry door, which means they can spend more time simply using it.


In a world where HGTV promotes modern, clean lines, more and more homeowners are opting for this type of style. When you think of wrought iron, you may think of something more intricate and Victorian

However, it would be easier than ever to craft wrought iron into the clean lines of today’s aesthetics. Whether you opt for minimalist designs or elaborate curlicues,  iron doors will be able to deliver with elegance and functionality.


Something that will always be in style when it comes to doors is their ability to provide security.

Homeowners will always prioritize doors that can protect them and their families from intruders. When choosing a front entry door, make sure that it has both the functionality and security aspects you’re looking for. Wooden and glass doors are more easily broken into than iron.

In fact, iron doors may actually deter potential intruders because they look so intimidating. Up close these doors are virtually impenetrable, which means that burglars who do end up trying are bound to fail, ensuring your family’s safety.


What can make your home truly stand out from the rest are custom doors that allow you to share your unique style with the world. Today’s homeowners are looking for ways to express themselves through the interior and exterior design of their house.

Your design should always reflect who you are and what people can expect from the inside of the house. After all, the entryway is often the first impression people have of your home, so it’s all about packing a punch here.

You can choose between a single or double wrought iron door to suit your needs. Double wrought iron doors add more drama than the standard single; however, you’ll need to have the space available to make them a viable option.

If you don’t already have a double door, you’ll need to work with a contractor who can help you make the necessary modifications to your home. Whether or not you have a double or single wrought iron door, you can expect iron doors to make a statement.

What’s your favorite entry door trend for 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

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