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It’s a challenge to homeowners to find creative ways to make their space feel larger. Luckily, short of knocking walls down, there are a few alternatives that you can utilize to make your home feel larger than it is, such as splurging on wrought iron doors or merely decluttering a bit.

A Few Ways to Increase the Space of Your Home

Here are several ideas that may have you well on the road to a much roomier house!


When there’s too much going on, many parts of the room compete to be the focal point, leading it to feel very active and crowded.

You can combat this by taking a minimalist approach to your home decor. Start by creating a single focal point and clearing out space around that area.

Donate, recycle, or dispose of barely-used items in your home that take up unnecessary space. When you’ve done that, you can cleverly put away the items that are left. This can be accomplished with installments such as new cabinets or shelving units.

With things neatly arranged or out of sight, the space that’s in view will feel orderly and open.


Dark wall colors may be striking, but they can also make a place feel much smaller because light can’t bounce off the walls. Instead, to open up a room, consider using whites or monochromatic methods of greys, creams, and yellows because of their light-reflecting abilities.

Additionally, ceiling paint can have just as much impact as the paint on your walls. Using a slightly lighter shade than your wall color on your trim will not only make it feel farther away, but also make your living space look bigger.


Anything that reflects light is critical in making a home look more spacious. A well-placed, big mirror can make any room seem larger. A large floor mirror or tabletop mirror placed opposite a window can immediately expand a room’s look and feel.

However, remember not to let the mirror reflect a cluttered space of the room, otherwise, its purpose is defeated. You also mustn’t let yourself get carried away and accidentally turn your home into a carnival funhouse. Be strategic in placing your mirrors so they always serve your purpose.


Making a small home seem bigger requires a fantastic sense for consolidating space.

Multi-functional pieces such as a drop-leaf table or bed frame with drawers are perfect ways to make furniture work hard for you. Plenty of sofa options have hidden storage underneath a cushion, and you can also be sneaky with decorative containers, serving doubly as storage.

Coffee tables with spaces inside mean that you can put away remote controls, magazines, and device chargers safely out of sight when not in use.


Those dark drapes are doing your home no favors. If you’re eager to make your space appear larger, maximize the natural light in the space with the use of sheer curtains. The light passing through the curtains will draw your eye past the curtains, making any room seem more spacious in no time.

Also, hang window treatments above window frames and directly at or a few inches below the ceiling to create the illusion of taller walls. If you are hanging your curtains across your windows, you may be inadvertently making your walls look shorter.


Sunlight is great during the day, but in the evenings, strategically-placed artificial lighting  will have to carry your home.

One of the best ways to improve the lighting in your home is with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting involves hiding your light bulbs behind stylish fixtures, rather than leaving them exposed in the middle of your ceiling.

This makes your ceiling look cleaner and less cluttered. It also redirects light to where it will be most beneficial.

If you have high ceilings, however, you can alternatively use hanging lights to create your space more inviting. This draws the eye upward, allowing your mind to focus on the wealth of vertical space, distracting from the smaller horizontal plane.


 Wall art is another fantastic option to make your home feel more spacious. Try to hang your wall decor at the average eye height so that there’s plenty of room above the work, making the room look taller.

If you have a small room and want to hang wall decor, choose a large piece as opposed to a few small ones, to make the walls appear larger than they are.

Employ negative space as well and leave some walls blank. You want to prevent the room from feeling cluttered and overwhelming. If you really want a gallery wall with smaller pieces, limit it to one wall and make it simple.


Another great way to make your home feel larger is by changing flooring. To create a seamless look that joins one room with the other, use uniform dark hardwood flooring. This will instantly make your room look more substantial if paired with the wall color, molding, and trim.


Another great way to improve your space is by swapping out your front door and replacing it with a custom iron door.

If you have enough swing in your entryway, you can swap your usual door for a set of double iron doors. Double doors can make your entrance feel larger and much grander to visitors.

Additionally, adding glass panels to the door is another excellent way to make the entryway feel more spacious while still maintaining privacy.

Call Baltic Iron Doors for Your Home Improvement Needs

If you’re ready to take your home to new heights, call Baltic Iron Doors today. Adding a new solid iron door on the entrance of your home in Orange County will dramatically increase its aesthetic appeal while also adding unmatched beauty and value to your home.

Our hand-forged luxury iron doors will give your home a unique and lavish atmosphere and provide you with great use and longevity.

Call Baltic Iron Doors today to find out how we can help and don’t forget to ask us about our full home packages.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

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