How to Design the Custom Iron Door of Your Dreams

Dec 14, 2020 | Custom Doors

Your home’s exterior can be a great place to express yourself. When you choose custom wrought iron doors, everyone who sees your home can see your unique contribution to the exterior. 

If you have a specific idea in mind, why not design your own custom iron doors? Aside from adding beauty to your home, investing in wrought iron doors has many benefits including security and luxury. It may sound daunting, but a skilled team of ironworkers can help you make your dream a reality. 

How to Design Custom Iron Doors

Designing custom doors needs the expertise of professionals but you need to tell them your specific needs. Here are some tips on how to create your very own wrought iron door design.

Get Inspired

Before you get started, take inspiration from existing iron doors. It might be difficult to get started with your design, but these can give you a place to start.

What do your favorite designs have in common? You might notice that you love intricate, elaborate custom iron doors, or that you prefer a simple and elegant design. 

As you look at custom iron door examples, you can also look at the houses attached to each door. A Spanish-style house might go for a black wrought iron door with a curling design, for example. If the rest of a home is modern and sharp-angled, a similarly minimalist door will continue the theme. 

Decide on an Overall Style

What message do you want to send with your custom wrought iron doors? Whatever style you choose should go well with your home’s design and the aesthetic you want to capture. 

Your front door gets a lot of attention, so spend time finding a style that’s just right for your home. Iron door designs are fairly versatile, and you can get a look anywhere from an elaborate scrolling door to a stark, modern minimalist door.

Another question to consider is whether you will be working with a single door or double entry doors. Either one of these can be beautiful, but it’s important to choose a style that works well with your type of entryway.

You can even choose to make your wrought iron door a central feature of your house if you want a more ornate design with lots of scrolling or a bold motif. 

Reflect the Rest of Your Home

Your front door is an extension of the rest of your home, and it’s one of the first things people see when they look at it. Excellent wrought iron doors mesh well with a home’s style and decor to create a continuous aesthetic, instead of working against the rest of the house.

A wrought iron door is an investment that will last for years, so it’s best to choose your design thoughtfully.

If your house is large, you might want to choose a bold, ornate door that suits the rest of the building. If you have a modern-looking home, sleek ironwork can enhance the overall look and further establish the decor style. 

You can use your home as a source of inspiration for your design efforts.

Choose Your Windows and Glass Type

Windows are an important part of any custom iron door design. How will they figure into your front door design? Wrought iron doors can feature windows heavily, or they can include thick, dense ironwork that keeps windows mostly covered.

While you’re making this decision, think about how much light you want in your front entryway. If you want tons of natural light, you might want to choose a wrought iron style that’s less densely packed, to allow more light inside. 

On the other hand, if you’d prefer a more intense style with less glass visible, there are still plenty of designs that provide more cover. Elaborate scrolling can create a heavier cover for the glass. You can also choose a door with smaller window openings and more solid iron.

There are also many kinds of glass available. If you value privacy, you can avoid clear glass and choose something pebbled, wavy, or frosted. That way, you still get sunlight, but there’s not as much visibility into your home.

Select the Finish

Wrought iron comes in several different colors. Black is the most traditional, and it looks great on almost everything, but there are other finishing options to consider.

Other options include dark browns, gold and bronze metallic finishes, and even a greenish patina. These might match your home better, or create a more dramatic look. 

Each finish gives a different feel to custom iron entry doors. Black is traditional, but an eye-catching gold may be just the thing to elevate your doorway into the focal point your house deserves. 

A bronze patina works well with an old-fashioned style, and it also has a hint of drama. A green patina may not work for every house, but it adds a certain charm to a cottage-style home or bungalow. 

Hardware Options

No door is complete without a doorknob or handle, and it’s something you’ll see every day. After all your hard work designing your iron door, make sure to think carefully about the handle to go with it. 

Some handles are intricately twisted metal, while others are simple, straightforward bars. Others are more fantastical, with pointed tips or large swirls at the ends.

The right door handles will complement the door they’re attached to and look like a continuation of the ironwork of the door.

Work with Right Custom Iron Door Company 

The best custom iron door companies have skilled workers who are ready to help you finalize your design and then create it.

After you get input from professionals, you can make small adjustments to improve your design. You can also see examples of iron doors they’ve created in the past to get a better idea of what you might want for yourself. 

Hiring skilled workers also means that you’ll end up with a gorgeous handcrafted piece for your front door. Our employees forge all doors by hand, using their expertise to create ironwork that will last for years with some basic upkeep. 

How will you design your own iron door to reflect your style? There are so many options when it comes to wrought iron, and our expert ironworkers can help you carry out whatever you settle on.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

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