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Your business is a representation of your company’s style and personality. The curb appeal of your office, storefront, or headquarters tells a story to both your potential and existing customers. It could be the difference between making the sale, building a crucial relationship, or sending a client running. Custom iron doors are one of the best ways to add some beauty to your storefront.

At Baltic Iron Doors, we work with your business to create and design the perfect luxury iron door to showcase the beauty of your industry. If you’re looking to spruce up your entryway or want to show off your superb taste, here is what you need to know about the types of businesses that can benefit from iron doors.

Businesses that Can Benefit from Iron Doors

Nearly every business can benefit from adding a beautiful and robust addition to their entryways. There are some industries, however, that are prime examples of who can benefit most with the addition of custom or luxury iron doors.


The daily life of an architect varies depending on the specific work they do and the area in which they live. Ultimately, architects work to design both public and private places, rooms, buildings, complexes, and more. While these professionals are concerned with designing functionality, safety, and prudent structures, they are also on the front line of creating an attractive space.

Many architects are turning towards wrought iron doors as a way to add a special touch to their projects. The aesthetic improvement alone makes these doors a crucial element in their designs.

They also utilize iron doors to increase security. For example, a solid steel iron door is the perfect way to separate secure areas from non-secure areas, whether it be in a bank, jewelry store, or anywhere else that needs safe spaces.

Architects are also looking towards iron doors to add more natural light in their designs. Natural light is one of the most overlooked improvements that can be added to space.

Best yet, natural light comes at no extra cost if you have a way to let it in. Windows are relatively easy to add to other materials, but the final product is typically not as appealing as a custom iron door. More importantly, adding glass to these other materials only weakens their overall strength.

Iron doors can be made to allow tons of natural light into your space without sacrificing aesthetics or strength. A custom iron door will enable you to keep the look you want as well.


While architects typically oversee the entirety of a building’s design, interior designers work to create gorgeous and functional rooms and spaces. They work with both individual clients and large corporations, from simple indoor spaces to large mansions to a multitude of lobbies, entryways, and more.

Interior designers are interested in increasing property value. Adding an iron door is a great way to increase a client’s investment. Since iron doors don’t wear out as quickly as other materials, they don’t need to be replaced as often as doors made of wood. Just a little bit of care can keep your iron door looking like new for years to come.

One of the newest trends is to use wrought iron in making custom doors for special rooms, like wine cellars. Designers take advantage of the insulation and security quality of these beautiful doors to spice up unique rooms for their clients.


Many professionals are making use of their homes for office space. People like lawyers, counselors, notaries, accountants, and others make use of space in their homes to work and meet with clients. In these cases, an improved curb appeal can really boost the outside appearance of your business.

Wrought iron conjures images of beauty, craftsmanship, and strength. If you want your office or storefront to stand out, a gorgeous wrought iron double door will achieve that goal and more.

Home office professionals also benefit from having the extra beauty, security, and functionality of iron doors built into their homes. There may also be tax advantages of adding iron doors to your home office. Check with your tax professional to learn more.

Myths Regarding Custom Iron Doors for Your Business

There’s little argument that a custom iron door would do wonders for your company. There are, however, numerous myths that keep people from getting on board this massive improvement.


Because wrought iron doors look so amazing and offer so many benefits; many people think they must be too expensive to be practical. Business owners understand the value of making an exterior focal point of their space but expect a luxury iron door to be out of the budget.

The good news is that iron doors are very friendly to your wallet. Prices definitely vary based on style, size, and a few other factors, but a custom iron door designed for you can quickly meet your company’s budget.


Many customers are worried that solid iron doors will be too heavy to transport and install. They also worry that older building materials, like rotting wood around the door frame, could cause a problem. These concerns make many business owners decide that creating a luxury iron door is not worth the potential hassle.

While custom wrought iron doors do take some work to install, they are nowhere near as challenging to deal with as you might think. Custom doors are made to fit the space that you have, so there shouldn’t be worried about the new door fitting. Those who are especially concerned about the installation can hire professionals to make sure their new doors fit perfectly into its new home.

Add Some Beauty To Your Business Today

When it comes to adding a unique, personalized design for your company’s entryway doors has never been easier. At Baltic Iron Doors, we have a full selection of iron doors that can meet your needs and budget. We can also create custom iron doors to really help your entryway stand out.

Don’t delay. Contact us today to learn more about how a custom iron door can turn your business into an influential work of art.

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We take pride in adding the WOW factor to your home.

We stand behind our top-quality wrought iron products — whether they're single doors, double doors, wine cellar doors, or custom doors.

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