10 Custom Iron Doors Design Trends in 2021

Jan 25, 2021 | Custom Doors

10 Custom Iron Doors Design Trends in 2021

The start of a new year is the perfect time to clean out the house, start new habits, and think about how to renovate your home. Most people have spent a lot of time at home over the past year, so why not invest in comfort and security for your space in 2021?

Custom Wrought Iron Doors To Elevate Your Home 

What kind of trends will we see in custom iron doors for the coming year? Read on for some ways to bring current trends to your Orange County home with custom iron entry doors.

Botanical Designs

Nature-inspired decor is everywhere, and house plants are trendier than ever. Botanical designs are timeless and versatile. Your options with this kind of design range from stately trees, vines, and leaves to gorgeous flowers. Some people even use bamboo stalks and more specific kinds of foliage in their door designs.

There’s also a range of styles that can work with botanical designs. You can choose a more minimalist representation, or something realistic and elaborate. Either way, this trend is chic and the perfect way to add personality to an entryway.

Bold Iron Finishes

There are plenty of color choices for your iron finish, so why not try something other than black? You can add more visual interest by choosing one of the more eye-catching options available.

There are plenty of metallic choices, and you can choose something bright and shiny or something with a burnished look. A subtle silver patina isn’t too showy, while a heavy bronze or gold finish is sure to attract attention. There’s even a green patina choice that offers great contrast with earth tones. 

Dramatic Arches

The shape of your front doorway is one of the first things people see when they visit. Curved lines add some drama while still being elegant, and an arched iron door definitely provides a grand entrance.

If you want to stick with a straight door frame, you can bring in an arch shape with your door’s design. Add it to the ironwork, or add an arch-shaped window at the top of your door for more character and dimension.

Custom Designed Doors

Sometimes, none of the ready-made designs completely fit your vision. With the help of a reputable company for custom iron door services, you can create a design of your very own.

When you create your own design, you can mix in whatever styles and influences interest you. Working with an expert designer makes things easier, and you’ll get more professional results. Baltic Iron Doors has welders who can fabricate any iron door design, and the hand-forged results are both sturdy and artful. 

Light-Maximizing Design

Brighten up your home by choosing a door design that lets in lots of natural light. Natural light is flattering and can even boost your mood, so why not pick a design with lots of window space? Sunlight never goes out of style.

Some iron doors have a full panel of glass behind the ironwork, while others have smaller windows set into an iron door. For maximum light exposure, try a design with lots of windows panels or else a full glass panel. You’ll have a bright and cheery entryway to welcome guests. 

Abstract Shapes

If you’re seeking out a more modern take on the classic iron door, an abstract design might be just what you need. Look for overlapping shapes, wavy lines, and asymmetrical layouts.

An abstract design for your iron door gives your home an artsy, modern feel. This is a great choice if the rest of your home is dedicated to angular, modern aesthetics. What’s more, this style also gives you more freedom to experiment with patterns and repetition. 

Vintage-Inspired Styles

Home design is always taking inspiration from the past, and that trend extends to custom wrought iron doors. Your home doesn’t need to be a time capsule to benefit from some retro style.

Mid-century design continues to be popular thanks to its geometric patterns and a bold yet minimal aesthetic. It looks great on lots of different house styles, so you don’t have to worry too much about matching the existing decor. The effect can be eclectic and very on-trend.

You can also try a more traditional, rustic look, if you want to a farmhouse-style front entryway. The clean, simple lines are timeless, and the large windows let in a lot of light.

Accent Doors

One of the easiest ways to update your exterior decor is with a bold new front door. Iron doors can easily become accent doors, increasing your home’s value and bringing style to the exterior.

Your door can become an eye-catching feature, designed as a focal point instead of just a functional part of the home. Try choosing a bright finish for the iron, or even painting it.

A custom iron door design with a unique pattern or design can easily become a central focus of the exterior, too. Wine cellar doors are usually designed as accent doors inside the home, and you can take inspiration from their designs. 

Thick Ironwork

Many custom wrought iron doors are made with thin swirls and tendrils of iron, so they can form elaborate patterns. Thick bars of ironwork can be equally stylish, though. It can be used for a simple, classic style that’s also sturdy and helpful for home security.

A lot of modern iron door designs make use of thick ironwork. Boxy, minimalist designs make this kind of ironwork look fresh and cutting-edge. This style can be very versatile, and there’s a lot of potential with this style to experiment and find new design combinations.

Art Deco

Art deco is an angular design style that was popular in the 1920s, and it’s known for having stylish geometric shapes: think of the architecture and details in The Great Gatsby.

You can still celebrate the architecture of the 1920s a century later with art deco fixtures in your home. This style brings a timeless elegance to your doorway because of its focus on classic geometric silhouettes in unexpected angles. Consider a design featuring triangles, repeating patterns, sharp angles, and interlocking shapes.

How are you planning to update your home in 2021? Will iron doors be a part of your renovation plans? Let us know what you think! Ask yourself with these 10 questions that can help you choose the right iron door manufacturer.

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